Carento & Cassini I
Caressini won the Westphalian Young Horse Championships as well as the national title with top marks in 2015 under Christian Kukuk. So the judges pulled top numbers for his perfect rideability and endless jumping capabilities. Easily he was the most athletic grey stallion in the final in Warendorf with scores of 9.1 and 9.4. In 2016 Caressini had his first international placings and qualified again with a score of 8.5 for the National Championships. However he was not able to compete in Warendorf, due to his rider’s injury. The father Carento is a son of the important Caretino and closely related to the 1.1 million Euro horse and OS jumping winner Le Champ Ask and the Westphalian jumping championess for mares in 2010, Cristalies. Through the stallions Contender and Lorenz we see a triple connection in his pedigree to the Holstein import of the century, Cor de la Bryère. Carento placed twice in the National Championship for jumping horses. After this he started his career in the USA. He has three sons certified for breeding, among them the reserve Westphalian Champion of 2015 Cariscar. The mother U-Cassina was highly praised for her rideability and free-jumping in her broodmare ability test, and earned a final score of 9.5 and had also the certified stallion Cronau with Cristallo I. Holstein line 2004.


Connor & Colman
Insemination fee: 500€ + In-foal fee: 500€. Foreign customers must pay full stud fee in advance. Refund of the half at non-pregnancy by fresh semen
The athletically built Chubakko impressed the judges at his licensing in Munich-Riem with an incredible potential in free jumping, very good reflexes and a lot of overview. Andreas Ilg introduced the young stallion at the age of four to the sport and he immediately collected serial victories in novice and elementary competitions. With the rider Klaus Krüp Chubakko won medium jumping horse tests with scores as high as 8.6. He debuted successfully in international competitions under Christian Kukuk. At his 14-day-test and competitive tests he received scores up to 9.0 for his character, his willingness to perform, his rideability and his jumping potential. The father Connor reached international placings and sired nine licensed sons. The dam Waleska V who has been placed in advanced courses herself is the full sister of Conella who has produced the Holstein reserve winner Uno I as well as the also licensed Uno II and Quabrie. Further successful siblings of Waleska are Quilan B (by Quick Star; advanced jumping), Carrasco (by Casco, international advanced jumping) and Cinroy (by Colman; medium jumping USA). On the side of the dam’s sire the top sires Colman, Contender and Landgraf I can be found. Chubakko has already sired several awarded star foals in his first two crops.

Comme le père

Comme il faut & Contender
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 400 €* + In-foal fee: 400 €* .
With Comme le père it comes full circle. His father, Comme il faut, has been bred in Riesenbeck by Ludger Beerbaum. The mother Ratina Z won with Ludger Beerbaum the team gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta/USA and also at the WEG 1994 in Den Haag/NED. Furthermore she won double gold at the 1997 European Championships in Mannheim, in 1993 the World Cup final in Gothenburg/SWE and in 1996 the Aachen Grand Prix. From the dam-line of Comme le père comes the mare Padua. With her, Ludger Beerbaum and Ralf Schneider have been able to achieve numerous victories and placements in international competitions. His father, Comme il faut, has been successful in international competitions under Marcus Ehning. In 2016 he won the Global Champions Tour stage of Vienna/AUT and the Riders Tour stage in Paderborn. Almost 15 of his sons have already been licensed; first offspring are successful in advanced level show-jumping classes like e.g. Comilfo Plus Z/Christian Ahlmann. The mother Completta is a full-sister to the licensed Completto. Her half-siblings Caligula de Hus (by Carolus II)/Luiz Felipe de Azevedo Filho/BRA and Come Alone (by Come On)/Clara Darty /FRA have placed in international competitions. Her half-sister Calin (by Clinton I) is the grandmother of the licensed stallion For Complete (by For Pleasure). Completta has been successfully presented in show-jumping competitions. Her son, King Quidam (by Quidam de Revel), has already placed in show-jumping competitions up to medium (M) level. The dam-sire is the famous stallion Contender. 127 of his sons have received their approval, more than 110 daughters have been awarded state premium. The more than 400 advanced level (S) successful offspring, such as the top horses Chiara/Ludger Beerbaum, Colore/Hans-Dieter Dreher, Checkmate/Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Montender/Marco Kutscher, Controe/Marco Kutscher, Con Air/Otto Becker and Constantin/Markus Beerbaum, have so far reached lifetime-earnings of more than 9.3 million Euros. The third father is the Westphalian famous stallion Pilot. 84 of his sons have been licensed. The lifetime-earnings of his descendants amount to 4 million Euros, collected by the 230 advanced level (S)-successful offspring, such as P.S. Priamos/Ludger Beerbaum, Pia Lotta/Edwina Tops-Alexander/AUS, Poker/Otto Becker, Power-Light/Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst and many more. The great-grandmother Pink Floyd has brought the licensed and medium level (M) show-jumping successful Pirate (by Pilot), Conduro de Cuvry (Contender), who has been licensed in France and the medium level (M) show-jumping horse Pilatus (by Phantom). Her daughter Ascona Adelheid has become the mother of the AES-licensed stallions Robin Adelheid (by Robin II Z) and Zahr Adelheid (by Zandor Z). Pink Floyd is also the full-sister of the licensed and internationally successful Poor Boy/Beat Maendli/SUI. Her full-sister Sora la Silla has been successful under Jan Tops/NED and has brought the Olympic Game horse Sancha la Silla (by Chin Chin)/Daniel Bluman/COL and the World Cup show-jumping horse Zodiac (by Zeus)/Holger Hetzel. Pink Floyd's full-sister Padua has won with Ludger Beerbaum and later with Ralf Schneider advanced level (S) competitions (earnings 177.354 Euros) and has brought, under her breeding-name Pusteblume, the licensed stallion Zandor (by Zeus)/Jos Lansink/BEL. From the Holstein dam-line 4965 come the licensed stallions Rivaldo Adelheid Z (


Clinton & Heartbreaker
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 600 €* + In-foal fee: 600 €*
Cordess made his international debut seven years ago with spectacular wins in youngster competitions. Convinced by his qualities, Philipp Weishaupt presented him in Grand Prix for the first time in 2014 and placed a.o. in Offenburg, Noerten-Hardenberg, Kiel and Estoril/POR, and – absolutely sensational for an eight-years-old - in the 1.60 meter competition of the Global Champions Tour in Shanghai/CHN. Further successes followed in the Grand Prix of Muenster, Brussels/BEL, St. Moritz/SUI, Ommen/NED and Posen/POL. Cordess' pedigree leaves nothing to be desired. Clinton, Heartbreaker and Burggraaf - all fire tested in international sport. The half-sister of Cordess, Aminka (by Ephebe For Ever), placed in top competitions in Falsterbo/SWE, Paderborn, Hanover and Munich under Willem Greve/NED. The famous dam line of Freiminka has produced a number of extraordinary horses such as the licensed stallions Totilas/Matthias Alexander Rath, Lochnagar, Iowa/Emma Wester/SWE, Olympic W, Try Time, Topas, Jodokus and Vindicator.

Coupe de Coeur

Calido I & Lincoln
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 500 €* + In-foal fee: 500 €*
European Championship fifth placed, three-times German Champion, 125 placings in World Cups, Nation Cups and Grand Prix, 16 of them have been first places and almost 550.000 Euros price money – Coupe de Coeur belongs to the illustrious circle of the most successful show jumper stallions in the world. And he passes his outstanding talents on. Eleven of his sons have been licensed, including licensing winners and stallion performance test winners, as the Stakkato-award winner Complete. He has produced many international successful horses like Coester, Coupe de Alb and Coupe d‘Or. Among his numerous premium daughters, Queentina, the Oldenburg-International reserve champion mare and advanced level winner, stands far out. The offspring of Coupe de Coeur placed at top shows around the world, led by the under Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum in Wellington/USA, Helsinki/FIN and Calgary/CAN successful Comanche as well as Club de Coeur, As de Coeur, Coupis, Coupe de Alb and Casa Ciara. His sire Calido I, a son of the famous Cantus, is one of the main advertisements for the Holstein breed. The dam Adele has also produced the licensed stallion Russel (by Corofino I)/Nick Skelton/GBR and six further advanced (S) level show jumpers, with the underlying inheritance security of Coupe de Coeur.

De Beau

De Niro & Sandro Hit
Deckgeld: 900 Euro incl. Mwst
With De Beau a highly interesting Oldenburg youngster will support our stallion collection. His pedigree is studded with sire legends, which make the hearts of dressage riders and breeders beat faster. The father De Niro has been at the top of the WBFSH ranking of the best dressage sires in the world for four years now. The dam-sire Sandro Hit is also considered as legendary during his lifetime. And also the maternal grandfather of De Beau is a stallion, who has done excellence in sport and breeding: Don Schufro. It is due to the highly dedicated sponsor of the sport, Madeleine Winter-Schulze, that the multi championess Isabell Werth is now able to ride this exceptional dressage talent. The beautiful black De Beau offers everything, which characterizes a modern stallion. And he comes from the highly successful Oldenburg dam-line Rudina-Rudigunde, who has already produced numerous licensed stallions and internationally successful stallions such as Rubin Royal OLD under Hendrik Lochthowe, Romanov with Hans Peter Minderhoud/NED, Rubin Action with Stella Charlott Roth and Couleur Rubin under Ludger Beerbaum.

Dodo Weihgand

Diamont Hit & Fürst Heinrich
FS: 900€ incl.Tax
Dodo Weihgand, son of Diamond Hit, is beautifully built and always confident in the steps he makes. Considering his dynamics, power and expression he is almost unsurpassable. At his licensing 2018 in Vechta he captured everyone’s heart and left the arena as the celebrated reserve winner. This youngster’s pedigree is completly secured with the performance guarantors Fuerst Heinrich, Don Schufro and Sandro Hit. His father’s side is not the only one with the celebrity sires. The dam’s side has an incomparable highlight: Dodo Weihgand’s mother, state premium mare Weihcine, is the daughter of the Olympic gold winner, European Championship triple gold winner and double World Cup victor Weihegold OLD who is being riden by none other than Isabell Werth. Weihcine is the half-sister of the Swedish licensing winner and Dressage Champion Total Hope (by Totilas), Sir Weihbach (by Sir Donnerhall I) who is licensed as well and of the state premium mare Weihcera (by Zack) who has produced the also licensed For Gold. The young stallion is named Weihgand to emphasize the importance of the dam’s famous Oldenburg line of Weissena. Madeleine Winter-Schulze has secured herself this special stallion early on for further training by Isabell Werth.

Goldfever I

Grosso Z & Galvano
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 750 €*+ In-foal fee: 750 €*
Goldfever I FRH and Ludger Beerbaum took Olympic team gold in Sydney 2000, EC team gold and individual silver in Donaueschingen 2003, EC team silver and individual bronze in Mannheim 2007, gold at the German Championships in Balve 2000 and Muenster 2001. In recognition of these outstanding successes, he was immortalized at the Aachen Walk of Fame in 2015. Goldfever I FRH has collected more than 2.3 million Euros in prizes until he was retired from sport at the CHIO in Aachen 2009. In 2010 he was honoured with the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year award. His dam Gundula also produced the licensed Goldfever II, who has placed in dressage up to advanced (S) level.

LB Convall

Colman & Cascavelle
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 750 €* + In-foal fee: 750 €*
The outstanding winner of the Aachen Grand Prix and the German Championship bronze winner - for the first time in breeding with us. L.B. Convall has again put an exclamation mark behind his jumping ability and his willingness to perform! So the grey, who has a strong type and who always jumps in perfect manner, placed under Philipp Weishaupt in the Grand Prix of Mannheim, Noerten-Hardenbeck, Calgary/CAN and Muenster. L.B. Convall was licensed in 2011 by the Holstein association in Elmshorn. In his 30-day test the same year in Schlieckau, he received a final score in show-jumping of 9.23 (free-jumping 10.0) and a weighted overall score of 8.14. From the age of four to six he achieved numerous victories and placings in show-jumping competitions up to medium level (M) classes, including the victory in the Holstein State Championship in 2013. In 2014, L.B. Convall collected under Christina Liebherr/SUI placings in the youngster tours of Ascona/SUI, Arezzo ITA and Chevenez/SUI. From 2015 on he continues his career under Philipp Weishaupt.

Monte Bellini

Montender & Ramiro
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 650 €* + In-foal fee: 650 €*
There are very few stallions, whose careers are distinguished by such continuous success as the career of Monte Bellini. He was NRW-premium stallion, double National Champion and – after resounding success in Grand Prix, Nations Cups and the World Cup Final of ’s Hertogenbosch/NED - Monte Bellini qualified for the 2012 Olympic Game in London/GBR. Unfortunately, he was unable to participate due to an injury. In the following season he won the Nations Cup in Falsterbo/SWE and Rotterdam/NED where he also won the Grand Prix. His sire Montender won with Marco Kutscher individual Olympic bronze and double gold at the European Championships. Because of her sporting success Monte Bellini’s dam Ramira was awarded with the title „Performance mare jumping“. She also brought the licensed reserve National Champion Conte Bellini (by Cornet Obolensky) who is meanwhile winning show jumping tests up to advanced (S***) level.


Diamant de Semilly & Nabab de Rêve
Insemination fee: 500€ + In-foal fee: 500€. Foreign customers must pay full stud fee in advance. Refund of the half at non-pregnancy by fresh semen
Mumbai van de Moerhoeve is the perfect example for the highly successful, due to uncompromising selection for performance, Belgian jumping horse breeding. Not only does he have Diamant de Semilly, Nabab de Rêve, Chin Chin and Quidam de Revel, the best sires ever in direct lineage on his father’s side but also the highly successful mares of his mother’s line. Mumbai van de Moerhoeve was formed slowly and competed as a six-year-old under Nick Vrins/BEL in the international Youngster tours of Valkenswaard/NED and Bondheiden/BEL. He was also placed sixth in the overall ranking of the prestigious Hengstcompetitie series in the Netherlands. The mother, Ishgl du Muze won the international Youngster tour of Bondheiden/BEL with Joe Clee/GBR. She also produced the licensed Opium JW van den Moerhoeve (by Kannan) who achieved several victories in the Hengstcompetitie series. The Grandmother, Eureka van’t Roosakker also known as VDL Groep Eureka, was victorious in Lausanne/SUI, London/GBR, Paris/FRA, Gothenburg/SWE and Barcelona/ESP under her rider Maikel van der Vleuten/NED. She also produced Jeleena de Muze/Lauren Tisbo/USA who placed at the World Jumping Breeding Championships for Young horses and also reached placings up to CSI5* competitions as well as also internationally placed Imposante de Muze, Canavaro de Muze and Valdes un Prince. The Great-Grandmother, Beauty-Belle van’t Roosakker, was placed among others at the CSI4* in Munich with Tobias Meyer. Her daughter Fa-Belle van’t Roosakker (by Casper) is internationally successful with her rider Cindy van der Straten/BEL.


Veneno & Fidertanz
FS: 900€ incl.Tax
This youngster presented himself with strong movements and a lot of swing the Hanover licensing 2018 in Verden. Naturally Valdiviani moved on to the premium ring with the best stallions of the year. His father Veneno is a descendant of the incredibly important stallion line Krack C that has helped shape the modern breeding of dressage horses. At the age of four Veneno already won bronze at the Westphalian Championship and even reached the final of the National Championship. Together with his rider Beatrice Buchwald he immediately won advanced competitions at the age of seven. He started turning heads with his first crop of which two sons are already licensed and two are awarded. The mother Fairlight R.B. produced the highly successful Liebermann in a pairing with Lord Loxely. The dam’s sire Fidertanz has collected placings up to Grand Prix and has one of the most impressive track record: 52 licensed sons, 528 listed broodmares, 97 state premium mares, 1217 listed descendants who are active in the sport, 76 of those with victories and placings in advanced dressage competitions who in total have earned more than 660,000 Euros. The important jumping sires Pit I and Landino in the dam’s line push this performance pedigree to perfection.


Guidam & Heartbreaker
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 1.000 €* + In-foal fee: 1.000 €*
Zinedine made a really spectacular debut as stallion. Right from his first foal year he presented the winner of the OS licensing in Vechta, who was later offered at the stallion market for the top prize of 215.000 Euros. Also at other licensing dates, outstandingly jumping sons of Zinedine have been part of the stallion collections. A daughter won the free-jumping competition in Verden. After initially competing in sport in Poland, Zinedine was carefully prepared by Ludger Beerbaum for upper level courses. In 2014, facing fierce competition, Zinedine took second place in the Grand Prix of Paris/FRA and London, fifth place in the Grand Prix of Shanghai, proving his unlimited talent. Later Zinedine won at the World Cup shop in Zuerich/SUI, took fifth rank in Shanghai/CHN and placed at the CSI5* in St. Gallen/SUI and at the CSI4* in Wiesbaden. His sire Guidam (by Quidam de Revel) has produced many championship offspring and was awarded as the „Stallion of the year“ 1996 in the Netherlands. Dam Unadonja has won ribbons in show jumping up to 1.45 meter with Shane Sweetnam/IRL. The Holstein dam sire Heartbreaker belongs to the world’s best show-jumping sires.

Baloutelli (only frozen)

Baloubet du Rouet & Weinberg
Frozen semen: 800 €
At the 2013 Westphalian licensing in Münster-Handorf, Baloutelli demonstrated an ability to jump that you seldom see in this form. It wasn’t just the exemplary sequence of his jumping that was so impressive but also his noteworthy ambition combined with the necessary caution and a cool head. At the conclusion of his 30-day test taken in 2014 in Neustadt/Dosse, his jumping qualities as well as his character and willingness to perform were rewarded with a score of 9.0 and he received 8.0 for rideability.

Black Jack (only frozen)

Cornet Obolensky & Heraldik xx
Frozen semen: 200 €* (only frozen semen)
Clearly refined by his dam’s Thoroughbred sire Heraldik xx, the gorgeous, patent leather black Black Jack placed in CSI3* level competitions in 2014 under the world class rider, Jerry Smit/ITA, after he had qualified twice for the Bundeschampionat and already got first places in the international Youngster Tour as a seven-year old.

Calmando (only frozen)

Calido I & Carpaccio
Frozen Semen: 1.000 € incl MwSt.
Calmando’s vitae is reporting a performance-orientated sport career since his licensing 2009 in Neumünster. His exceptional disposition in jumping has already been certified at his stallion performance test in Radegast with the mark 9.5. Many victories in elementary and medium level show-jumping tests followed. In 2013 he qualified for the National Show-Jumping Championships in Warendorf, where he has been placed twice after two rounds worth seeing. Calmando competed already in 2014, just seven years-old, under Henrik von Eckermann/SWE at international advanced level (S**) and collected placings a.o. in Bad Oeynhausen, Werne-Lenklar, Redefin, Rulle and Bippen. Even the 2015 season had a promissing start, and Calmando went on an international two star competition victory lap in Braunschweig.

Carrico (only frozen)

Catoki & Capitol II
Stud fee: 1000 €* (only frozen semen)
Carrico has now become firmly established in upper level, international show jumping after placing in Dortmund, Hagen a.T.W., Chantilly/FRA, Münster, Paderborn and Neumünster under Philipp Weishaupt and Henrik von Eckermann/SWE. Awarded a premium in 2005 in Neumünster, Carrico then took his stallion performance test in Redefin where he won the jumping as well as the dressage index, finishing first overall. In 2008 he won a qualifier at the Bundeschampionat with a 9.5 and in 2009 he placed in the Final for six-year old show jumpers in Warendorf. At the age of just seven, he won his first ribbons in advanced level classes.

Casilius (only frozen)

Casall & Cambridge
Frozen semen: 200€
Casilius received a premium at the 2010 Danish licensing. After finishing his performance test with above-average scores and successfully participating in the Danish Championships for young horses, he placed in international competitions as a six-year old. Starting in 2013, under training at Ludger Beerbaum stables with Marco Kutscher and Henrick von Eckerman, he earned firsts and other placings in the Youngster Tours of Wiesbaden, Leipzig, Mannheim, Braunschweig, Munich, Lanaken/BEL, Verona/ITA and Rome/ITA. In 2014, with Philipp Weishaupt in the saddle, he also placed second in the Jumping Indoor Maastricht and third in the Global Champions Tour Stage in Estoril/ESP.

Catoki (only frozen)

Cambridge & Silvester
Stud fee: 1.500 €* (only frozen semen)
Stations of a fairy tale career: 2001 stallion performance test in Radegast – winner in jumping, followed by one first place after the other in tests for young show jumpers. 2003 Reserve Bundeschampion (5-year olds), 2004 fourth place in the Final of Warendorf (6-year olds), 2005 first international ribbons , 2011 under Philipp Weishaupt first and other placings in World Cups, Nation Prizes and the Grand Prix of Vigo/ESP, Bordeaux/FRA, Doha/UAE, La Baule/FRA, Aachen and Hickstead/GBR followed by the Grand Prix of Balve, Calgary/CAN, Helsinki/FIN and Valkenswaard/NED in 2012. Prize money added up to nearly 380,000 Euros in 2012.

Catover (only frozen)

Catoki & Contact Me
Stud fee: 1000 €* (only frozen semen) If the mare is stabled by us: (50% before the first insemination, 50% at 45 days gestation) Foreign customers must pay full stud fee in advance.
Approved at the Holsteiner licensing in Elmshorn in early 2017 and found to be particularly valuable, Catover now also has the sire status in addition to his brilliant personal contribution. The powerful Holsteiner is powerfully based, jumps, wealthy, well basculating and careful and convinces by rideability and balance. From a young age, Catover completed a picture-book career. About successes in the classical show jumping tests, he started already 7 years successfully in the international Youngster Tour u.a. in Aachen 2016 under Henrik von Eckermann. Since the fall of 2016, the high-net-worth Holsteiner with the powerful Galoppade is now under the saddle of Philipp Weishaupt and has made the leap into the top class effortlessly. At the beginning of 2017, the two took the excellent third place in the Grand Prix at the CSI *** in Offenburg. Catover comes from the sensational Holsteiner dam line 4705, from which many sport horses up to the international class originate. From his grandmother Fucera of Carolus-Calypso II come fabulous 9 registered sporthorses, sometimes with results up to 1.60! His great-grandmother Ucera of Calypso I-Meteor xx trumps that! Not only does she have the desired percentage of full blood on the English thoroughbred Meteor xx, she also has 10 registered offspring, several of which are successful in the 1.60m class!

Chaman (only frozen)

Baloubet de Rouet & I love you
The highly valuably bred KWPN stallion Chaman is one of the world’s most successful jumper stallions –documented in his impressive success. Ridden by Ludger Beerbaum, he won the Masters of Stuttgart as well as the Grand Prix of Lyon/FRA, Lausanne/SUI, Ebreichsdorf/AUT and the Global Champions Tour Stage Vienna Masters in Vienna/AUT. Further very respectable placings were added in Hamburg, Bordeaux/FRA, Chantilly/FRA, Madrid/ESP, Zürich/SUI, Verona/ITA, Leipzig, Hong Kong/HKG, ’s Hertogenbosch/NED and Munich. Through his sire Baloubet du Rouet, who is OlympicGames winner, three times World Cup winner and one of the world’s best show-jumping sires standing top in the WBFSH-Ranking for years, and through his dam’s sire I love you, Chaman goes back twice to the significant line founder stallion Almé Z. This line is also the origin of the licensed stallion Scandic, who took third place in the EC with Patrik Kittel/SWE, the show-jumping stallion Luidam/Billy Twomey/IRL and the internationally successful show jumpers, Uline and Van Itram.

Colestus (only frozen)

Cornet Obolensky & Stakkato
Seldom do we see such athletic ability coupled with breeding capacity so ideally balanced the way it is with Colestus. His father, Cornet Obolensky is a line founder in the breeding of modern jumping horses, and is currently the youngest stallion ranking third on the list of the worlds best jumping ancestors according to the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. The mother St.Pr.St. Spice Girl R had Caprice (by Captain Fire), a successful S level jumping horse, and Le Cascadeur d’Amour (by Cornet Obolensky) who was successful up to medium level jumping. On the mother’s side we see the top breeding stallions Stakkato, Pilot, and Durchlaucht in a direct line. Cloesely related to the licensed stallions Cornauer, Harry Potter and Castaire. First Colestus had collected more than 25 victories in show-jumping tests for youngsters, including the Westphalian Champion title and had placed eighth at the National Championships. Later the grey stallion placed under Ludger Beerbaum in the CSI5*-shows in Hongkong/HKG and Paris/FRA, in the World Cup shows in Verona/ITA, Madrid/ESP and Stuttgart as well as in the Global Champions Tour in Antwerpen/BEL, Hamburg and Shanghai/CHN. Nine sons of Colestus have been licensed, among them Colestros, who has placed seventh at National Championships. The OS-reserve winner mare Rilana belongs to the 18 state premium daughters. Chronoswiss has been the top prize horse with 32.000 Euros at the auction in south Germany. Charlott has placed ninth in the National Championships. Cocosnuss has taken second place at the Westphalian Free Jumping Championships.

Con Chello (only frozen)

Chello I & Come On
Stud fee: 1000 €* (only frozen semen)
“You get shivers down your spine when you watch him”, commented Joachim Geilfuß in the name of the jury on the faultless rounds of Con Chello and Philipp Weishaupt at the 2010 Bundeschampionat in the class for five-year old show jumpers in Warendorf. The title was undisputedly theirs with a 9.5 and a 9.8 . Con Chello also won the qualifier due to his ideal technique and exemplary suppleness with a 9.2 and 9.5. After having won a series of tests for young show jumpers up to medium (M*) level before, this was not surprising.In 2008 Con Chello was the best jumper stallion at the saddle licensing in Marbach.

Cristallo I (only frozen)

Cornet Obolensky & Cassini I
Frozen semen: 1.300 €
Cristallo I, who is blessed with double talents, has also sired numerous highly-talented dressage horses including Christobalito, Carlotta B and Cara Mia RCF, who took part in the 2016 World Championships of young dressage horses. In 2016 the 16th son of Cristallo I was also licensed in Verden. 20 daughters have received the state premium award, among them the mare performance test and show-jumping winner Cristalies, Carmina Burana W, Cristallos Cleo and Cerubina W. Cristallo I, whose licensed brother Cristallo II is successful up to CSI2* level, placed second in the Westphalian Wappen, placed twice in the National Championship finals of the show-jumpers and he has been internationally successful from the age of seven in advanced level courses. Due to an injury unfortunately he is not able to continue his career.

Cristallo II (only frozen)

Cornet Obolensky & Cassini I
Fresh semen: Insemination fee: 500 €* + In-foal fee: 500 €*
Although Cristallo I, who is also stationed in Riesenbeck, is already successful internationally, Cristallo II is just as good as his full brother in every way. In 2009 Cristallo II left the NRW licensing venue in Münster-Handorf as the celebrated jumper champion and passed his stallion performance test in 2010 at the same venue as the reserve champion jumper with high scores for his gaits and rideability. In 2011 he took silver at the Westphalian Championships (4-year olds) and in 2012 he qualified for the Bundeschampionat.

Hermes de Lux (only frozen)

Hermes d'Authieux & Carthago Z
Frozen semen: 800 €
Hermes de Lux was a jumper star and the spectator’s darling at the Holstein licensing in 2011 in Neumuenster. In 2012 he took his stallion performance test in Neustadt/Dosse as best jumper stallion and 2nd reserve champion: 9.25 (ability to jump), 9.0 (walk), 8.63 (character and rideability), 8.9 (final score with emphasis on jumping), 8.51 (weighted final score). He has won in youngster competitions under Christian Kukuk, including the National Championship qualification and he successfully debuted in the international Youngster Tour as seven-years-old in 2016. Hermes de Lux‘ sire Hermés d’Authieux AA is one of the best advertisements for the French Anglo-Arabian breed. His dam G-Manjana EGE has also collected ribbons in courses. Not only Carthago Z but also Literat who is found in third generation are both time-tested guarantees for performance in Holstein breeding. Granddame California III as well as the great granddame Palme both have produced show jumpers. Holstein performance line 5000.

La Calido (only frozen)

Lord Lancer & Calido I
Frozen semen: 200€
The last season of the tournament brought La Calido victories and placings in national and international competitions of the class S. In 2012 La Calido presented as a series winner in show jumping classes L and M, was winner in MB and MA, won in a sighting for the Bundeschampionat and reached in Warendorf under the saddle of Oliver Lazarus from the Ludger Beerbaum Stables the final. Successes are with La Calido in the family. His mother, St.Pr.St. Chiclana, continued her successful track record in the course and proved himself with Tobias Schult in 2013 with victories and placements up to the class S ** .. Also in breeding the Rhinelander meets all expectations. His foals are noble and leggy and are often awarded as gold medal and winner foals. His eldest descendants are four years old and last year convinced in free jumping in mare trials and free jumping competitions. La Calido's father, Castle Forbes Lord Lancer (Jessica Kürten), has been touring internationally. From the dam line of La Calido the approved stallions Frederiko, Paradiso, Fanconi and Fidertanz emerged in the Schult'schen breed alone. His mother Chiclana is also dam of the licensed stallions Chirivell and Quite Capitol. Her father Calido made exceptional show-jumping horses such as Coupe de Coeur and Nobless. Great-grandfather Grannus presented seven Olympic horses and over 60 licensed stallions. Great-grandmother Penny Lane goes back to the century squirrel Polydor.

Lamm de Fetan (only frozen)

Fergar Mail (Chapultepec la Silla) & Le Tot de Semilly
Frozen semen: 1.500€ (+VAT)
Lamm de Fetan won the Global Champions Tour-stage of Valencia/ESP with Timothee Anciaume/FRA, and was in the winning Nations Cup teams from Aachen and Lummen/BEL, was part of the French team finishing fifth at the European Championships in Windsor/GBR and front places in the Grand Prix and World Cup competitions of Geneva/SUI, Antwerpen/BEL, Zuerich/SUI, Bordeaux/FRA, London/GBR and Stuttgart. Since 2011 Lamm de Fetan continues his remarkable career under his new owner Edouard de Rothschild/IRS and continued with success in Rotterdam/NED, Arezzo/ITA and Valkenswaard/NED. Lamm de Fetan’s offspring, like Uxellhus Urubamba, Rumba de la Cavèe and Uruguay Courcelle, emulate their father and have defended themselves in international competitions. Ten of his sons have already been licensed for breeding in Europe, including Adagio de Talma, who was reserve champion in the French Jumping finals for young horses. The father Fergar Mail, who is the son of the famous thoroughbred Laudanum xx, placed internationally under his sport name Chaputelpec La Silla. The dam has produced the licensed stallion Suliman de Fetan (v. Dollar de la Pierre) as well as other top show jumpers. Highly successful dam line.

Satisfaction I (only frozen)

Stakkato & Calypso II
Stud fee: 200 €* (only frozen semen)
Satisfaction l - truly a shooting star amongst Stakkato's sons! This successful Hanoverian stallions’ dam Cecile was named Hanoverian Broodmare in 2010. A worthy and sought after award. Satisfaction l impresses day after day with his constant performance curve and superior jumping ability. This Stakkato son already has top placings in a number of Grand Prix (incl. Hagen, Balve and Paderborn) with Eva Bitter. Following his Grand Prix victory at the German Classics in Hannover 2010, he moved from the National Stud in Celle to the Beerbaum stables at Riesenbeck. Ridden by Ludger Beerbaum and Marco Kutscher he achieved further international successes in 2011. His second place in the DKB-Riders-Tour in Paderborn and top placings in Rotterdam (NED), Estoril (POR), Rome (ITA) and Valencia (ESP) have clearly confirmed the exceptional sporting ability of this world class stallion. As an acknowledgement of his successes, Satisfaction l has been awarded the suffix FRH to his name by the Hanoverian Verband - he is now listed in the studbook as Satisfaction l FRH.

Winningmood van de Arenberg (only frozen)

Darco & Cassini I
Frozen semen: 1.500€ (+VAT)
The name is program! Winningmood is another top international stallion. Under his rider Luciana Diniz he finished fourth in the World Cup Final of Geneva / SUI, three times in European Championships and in many Grand Prizes, such as London / GBR, Madrid / ESP and Basel / SUI. Fast, manoeuvrable, wealthy and careful - that's how we know him from the most demanding courses in the world! But he is also a jewel in breeding, his father Darco placed himself at the 1992 Olympics under Ludo Phillippaerts and is considered one of the most important show jumping sires of the present. Dam's sire Cassini I was victorious even in Nations Cups and European Championship participant and already has Olympic champion and more than 50 licensed sons among his offspring. About Ladalco in the third generation, the necessary full blood connection via Ladykiller xx is ensured. From his direct mother 14 offspring are registered, of which only 7 in the S-Class and even to 1.60m-jumping are successful! His descendants are successively successful in international sports, such as Eliot DWS, Van Schijndels Eclips or Fancyface, all of which, like many more 1.60m are victorious. See the impressive list of offspring at: Video's by Winnigmood: