The Past Years

At the age of 15 Ludger was granted access to the chestnut mare "Wetteifernde", she became his first highly successful horse. Once the two had bonded a bit they basically won everything there was to win in their age class: 1981 they finished second at their first Junior German Championships. In 1982 they repeated their accomplishment in the Young Riders class (until 21 years of age). Since 1987 Ludger practically won all major championship titles like the German Championships, European Championships, World Equestrian Games, as well as Olympic Games and rarely came back without a medal. Here is an overview of his biggest achievements...

Olympic Games:

Bronze (Team): 2016 with Casello

Gold (Team): 2000 with Goldfever

Gold (Team): 1996 with Ratina Z

Gold (Individual): 1992 with Classic Touch

Gold (Team): 1988 with The Freak

World Equestrian Games:

Bronze (Team): 2006 with L'Espoir

Gold (Team): 1998 with P.S. Priamos

Gold (Team): 1994 with Ratina Z

Silver (Team):1990 with Almox Gazelle

European Championships:

Silver (Team): 2015 with Chiara

Silver(Team): 2013 with Chiara

Gold (Team): 2011 with Gotha

Silver (Team):2007 with Goldfever

Bronze (Individual): 2007 with Goldfever

Gold (Team):2003 with Goldfever

Silver (Individual): 2003 with Goldfever

Bronze (Team): 2001 with Gladdys

Gold (Individual): 2001 with Gladdys

Gold (Team): 1999 with Champion du Lys

Gold (Team): 1997 with Ratina Z

Gold (Individual): 1997 with Ratina Z

German Championships:


2011 with Coupe de Coeur

2004 with Gladdys

2001 with Goldfever

2000 with Goldfever

1998 with Priamos

1997 with Rush on

1993 with Rush on

1992 with Classic Touch

1988 with Landlord

World Cup Final:

2. Place 2014

2. Place 2010

2. Place 2002

1. Place 1993

Recent Results:


6. Place CSIYH* Valkenswaard with Comme le pére

3 .Place CSI5* Valkenswaard with Cool Feeling

5. Place CSI5* GCT St.Tropez with Cool Feeling

7. Place CSI4* GP Mannheim with Mila

5. Place CSI2* Opglabbeek with Quirina Louis

5. Place CSI* Opglabbeek with Cool Down



 5. Place CSI2* Riesenbeck with Casello

6. Place CSI3* Aachen with Mila

6. Place GP CSI1* Opglabbeek  with My Kiwi

7. Place WC CSI4*- W Riyadh with Mila

3. Place CSI4* - W Riyadh with Quirina Louis

6. Place CSI4* - W Riyadh with Mila

4. Place CSI4* - W Riyadh with Quirina Louis

4. Place WC CSI5* - W Riyadh with Mila

7. Place CSI2* Opglabbeek with My Kiwi

5. Place CSI1* Opglabbeek with Cool Down

5. Place CSI2* Opglabbeek with Quirina Louis



9. Place WC Stuttgart with Cool Feeling (2019)

4. Place CSI5* Waregem with Casello (2019)

3. Place GCT GP Rome with Cool Feeling (2019)

1. Place GCL CSI5* Berlin with Casello (2019)

2. Place GP CSI5* Berlin with Cool Feeling (2019)

1. Place GCT CSI5* Madrid with Cool Feeling (2019)

1. Place CSI5* Doha with Chiara (2019)

3. Place WC La Coruna with Cool Feeling (2018)

2. Place CSI5* Waregem with Chiara (2018)

1. Place CSI5* Valkenswaard with Chiara (2018)

4. Place GP CSI5* Berlin with Chacon (2017)

2. Place Preis von Europa CHIO Aachen with Chiara (2017)

2. Place GCT CSI5* Hamburg with Chiara (2017)

2. Place GP CSI5* Hong Kong with Casello (2017)



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